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Journals of Interest

Journals listed below are those that have already or
may in the future publish articles on metaphor, language use, or
cognitive psychology as they relate to conflict resolution, mediation,
psychotherapy, teaching-learning, etc..

Conflict Resolution and Mediation Journals That May Publish on Metaphor

Conflict Resolution Quarterly.  Organ of the Association for Conflict Resolution; previously titled Mediation Quarterly.  Broad spectrum of articles on conflict, mediation, and conflict resolution.  Has published articles concerning metaphor in mediation.

Negotiation Journal.  Covers the practice and analysis of dispute resolution from legal, diplomatic, government, family and business perspectives.  Reports ideas and research, analytic descriptions of negotiation practice to essays aimed at building negotiation theory.  Has published articles regarding metaphor in negotiation.

International Negotiation: A Journal of Theory and Practice.  "...examines negotiation from many perspectives, to explore its theoretical foundations and to promote its practical application. The journal addresses the processes of negotiation relating to political, security, environmental, ethnic, economic, business, legal, scientific and cultural issues and conflicts among nations, international and regional organizations, multinational corporations and other non-state parties."

Negotiation and Conflict Management Research Official journal of IACM "...focuses on theory and research on conflict and conflict management across levels, including organizational conflict, interpersonal conflict and inter-group conflict, and across a range of domains including environmental conflict, crisis negotiations, political conflict and cross-cultural conflict, as well as formal and informal third party intervention, including mediation and arbitration... publishes research that advances theory, uses quantitative and/or qualitative methods, and makes links between theory and practice..."

Social Science Research Network.  An online abstract and author search engine with published and working papers.

Journal of Social Issues.  "...behavioral and social science theory, empirical evidence and practice into focus on human problems. Each issue... is devoted to a single topic and has as its goal the communication of scientific findings and interpretations..."

Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology.  "...causes and consequences of war and other forms of destructive conflict, as well as peace-making and reconciliation, prevention, and sustainable development.  ..a mixture of empirical, theoretical, clinical, and historical work, as well as policy analyses..."

Journal of Conflict Resolution " interdisciplinary journal of social scientific theory and research on human conflict. It focuses especially on international conflict, but its pages are open to a variety of contributions about intergroup conflict, as well as between nations, that may help in understanding problems of war and peace. Reports about innovative applications, as well as basic research, are welcomed, especially when the results are of interest to scholars in several disciplines."

Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Management Science and Related Journals That Publish on Metaphor

Metaphor and SymbolA broadly international journal publishing articles on figurative language and the cognitive processes behind it.  Has published numerous articles covering in-depth research on metaphor within various genres of written and spoken discourse.

Metaphor and the Social World.  Interdisciplinary journal that explores the social context of metaphor use.

Discourse and Society.  A multidisciplinary journal publishing research at the boundaries of discourse analysis and the social sciences.

Journal of Applied Behavioral Science.  "journal on the effects of evolutionary and planned change."

Organization: The Critical Journal of Organization, Theory and Society.  "Organization is the major forum for dialogue and innovation in organization studies, addressing significant current and emergent theoretical, meta theoretical and substantive developments in the field."

Administrative Science Quarterly.  "...publishes the best organizational theory papers from a number of disciplines..."

Journal of Management.  "...a major source for management scholars... covers a broad range of topics from a wide range of academic disciplines, methodologies, and theoretical paradigms."

Style.  "...questions of style, stylistics, and poetics, discourse analysis, literary and nonliterary genres, narrative, figuration, metrics, rhetorical analysis, and the pedagogy of style, literary criticism, critical theory, computational linguistics, cognitive linguistics, philosophy of language, and rhetoric and writing studies."

Cognitive Linguistics.  " for linguistic research of all kinds on the interaction between language and cognition. Cognitive linguistics focuses on language as an instrument for organizing, processing and conveying information..."

Discourse Processes.  "...experimental and/or theoretical papers which substantially advance... understanding of the structure and function of discourse.

Journal of Pragmatics.  "Linguistic pragmatics has been able to formulate a number of questions over the years that are essential to our understanding of language as people's main instrument of "natural" and "societal" interaction.  By providing possible theoretical foundations for the study of linguistic practice, linguistic pragmatics has helped to increase our knowledge of the forms, functions, and foundations, of human interaction...  forum for pragmatic studies in sociolinguistics, general linguistics, conversation analysis, discourse analysis, cognitive linguistics, computational linguistics, applied linguistics...  communication science, information science, psychiatry, and neuropsychology."

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.  "...divided into three independently edited sections: including ATTITUDES AND SOCIAL COGNITION... domains of social behavior in which cognition plays a major role... stereotypes, person memory, self-regulation... insofar as these interact with cognition... the influence of cognition... on significant social phenomena such as persuasion, communication, prejudice, social development, and cultural trends."

Journal of Language and Social Psychology.  The social psychology of language is a unique and valued sub discipline in the language and communication sciences... research and theory at the cross-roads of language, mind and society... cross-disciplinary... including linguistics, cognitive science, anthropology, psychology, communication, sociology and education. Reflecting the quantitative, experimental studies and positivistic theory..."

Cognitive Science.  The official journal of the Cognitive Science Society.  "for developments on the study of minds and other intelligent systems...  anthropologists, computer scientists, educators, linguists, neuroscientists, philosophers, or psychologists... fosters cross-fertilization... provide constraints on a theory of mind that no field could provide by itself."

Behavioral and Brain Sciences.  "...with the innovative format known as Open Peer Commentary.  Particularly significant and controversial pieces of work are published from researchers in any area of psychology, neuroscience, behavioural biology or cognitive science, together with 10–25 commentaries on each article from specialists within and across these disciplines, plus the author's response to them."

Pragmatics & Cognition.  "interdisciplinary journal ...philosophy, linguistics, semiotics, cognitive science, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, ethology, and cognitive anthropology ...relations of all sorts between semiotic systems as used by humans, animals and machines, in connection with mental activities: ...proper understanding of mental life and inter-personal relations..."

Mind and Language.  "... genuinely interdisciplinary... original articles, ...forums, survey articles and reviews, enabling researchers to keep up-to-date with developments ... creating the conditions for a fusion of effort, thus making real progress towards a deeper and more far-reaching understanding of the phenomena of mind and language."

Language in Society.  " international journal of sociolinguistics concerned with all branches of speech and language as aspects of social life... includes empirical articles of general theoretical, comparative or methodological interest." [impact factor]

Research on Language and Social Interaction.  "multidisciplinary journal... on the organization and dynamics of language and embodied conduct as vehicles of social interaction. ...based on interview and observational data, collected in the laboratory or the field. ...conversation analysis, discourse analysis, pragmatics, and observational and ethnographic studies.  [3 articles show colocation of 'metaphor' and 'conflict resolution']

Journal of Communications.  "...communication research, practice, policy, and theory... research whose significance crosses disciplinary and sub-field boundaries."

Journal of Applied Communication Research.

Systems Research and Behavioral Science.  "...on new theories, experimental research, and applications relating to all levels of living and non-living systems... systems approaches to: the redesign of organizational and societal structures; the management of administrative and business processes; problems of change management; the implementation of procedures to increase the quality of work and life; the resolution of clashes of norms and values; social cognitive processes; modeling; the introduction of new scientific results, etc... broad interdisciplinary implications not found in a journal devoted to a single discipline."

Applied Cognitive Psychology.  "...dealing with psychological analyses of memory, learning, thinking, problem solving, language, and consciousness as they occur in the real world."

Thinking & Reasoning.  "...dedicated to the understanding of human thought processes, with particular emphasis on studies on reasoning... thinking... include studies of deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, problem solving, decision making, probability judgement, conceptual thinking and the influence of language and culture on thought...."

Journal of Applied Linguistics "...papers on a broad range of applied linguistic themes, based on an open, peer review procedure... methodological issues within Applied Linguistics... sociology, education, psychology. Language-specific methodological debates around case studies, and the call for a mixing of methodologies within Applied Linguistics."  This online journal, published twice a year, "... is a forum for scientific exchange...  interdisciplinary discussion..  offering a platform where the diversity of research on metaphor and metonymy is encouraged... publication languages are German, English..." etc.

A comprehensive page of links to psychology of language journals, labs, researchers, books, etc.

Journals Probably Not Relevant Here

Journal of Dispute Resolution  "Second- and third- year law students administer the Journal by contributing written works and assisting in the editing and publication process."

English For Specific Purposes  "...second language acquisition in specialized contexts, needs assessment, curriculum..."

Group Decision and Negotiation  "...the whole process or flow of activities relevant to group decision and negotiation..."

Dispute Resolution Journal  "The flagship publication of the American Arbitration Association... for advocates, neutrals, parties, educators, public-policy leaders and corporate executives.  Contributors are the foremost experts in areas such as international trade, business, commercial finance, labor relations, construction, the courts, insurance, employment, real estate, intellectual property, health care, computers and high tech.

Notes on journal citation "impact factor":
    Thompson Scientific computes the"ISI impact factor" by sub-discipline from their "web of knowledge" database (also see this for further explanations)..
    Some journal publishers list the impact factor within each relevant sub-discipline for the  journals they publish.