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Axon Version

The Workshop materials were prepared using a graphic idea-mapping and organizing program called Axon2002.  The graphic files available in Metaphor in Mediation Main Menu are HTML derivations of the Axon files and consequently lose much of their functionality.  I have made Axon versions of the files available here for those who wish to download the freeware which allows proper viewing.

This will work only if you have Axon2002 on your computer (otherwise first see the box, below).  Click on this file to start: mainmenu.xon.  (If your computer asks, select "Open this file in current location".)   The Axon files used here often link to other .htm files that contain illustrations or supplemental information.  I have found that, while the main pages work fine, illustrations and supplemental pages that are .htm files do not load (even though they do exist on the web site).

Note (19 Aug 2002 ) -- This page is very experimental:  I haven't yet been able to get Netscape 4.7 to load Axon files properly, but MS Internet Explorer 5.01 and 5.5 works fine for the first file, at least.

You will need the freeware version of Axon2002, which you can down load here: