Workshop Materials

"Metaphors That Reveal and Expand Client Thinking"
Workshop Presented by Tom Smith
at Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR)
Family Section Conference
March 1, 2002, Savannah, Georgia, USA

"Conceptual Metaphors
in Mediation:
How to See Them and Use Them"
Workshop Presented by Tom Smith
at IV Conferencia Internacional del Foro Mundial de Mediación
9-11 May 2003, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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The introduction to these workshops is on this page. The main part of the workshops is found by clicking on the links above.  Each of these, in turn, links to a series of pages.  Other hyperlinks and explanations are found that will guide you through the metaphor learning.  If this is your first time using the workshop materials on this website you will probably find it very useful first to look at Navigation Notes before proceeding.


Points made in introduction:

If I say "I hope to plant some seeds today that will bear fruit for you when you get back home" or "The last session was as clear as mud", or "He looks up to Lincoln for guidance", these are obvious enough metaphors. If I tell the story of the sheep herd taking his sheep up the country road, and a car attempting to overtake them, and how he reversed the direction of the sheep" you will probably notice the allegorical metaphor there.

If I tell of a person's argument as being clean, on target, generously illustrated, you will probably see the metaphoric parts. But if I go on to say, "She went into the subject at great depth, revealing a solid understanding," I don't know how readily you will appreciate some quite elaborate structure that the metaphor has transferred:  Subjects are spaces which have surfaces and depths, discussion travels within such spaces and brings what is inside out into the open, and understanding in this case is a well-built, physical construction.

An important distinction in using metaphor is Source Domain and Target Domain.


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(An article written to accompany the Savannah workshop can be found here.)


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