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Notes on Navigating the Workshop Materials

The graphic pages in the workshop materials are similar to what I use for seminars and workshops on the subject of metaphor.  I regularly revise the materials.  Some parts are incomplete or in the process of modification.

Pass the cursor over headlines or graphics and you will find clickable "hot spots" on some (but not all) of them.  When you click on these spots one of two things will happen:

A new page of explanation or graphics will open; when you are done with this, click a link found on that page, or click on "Back" in the web browser. 

Or, a small text window will open; when you are done with this, click on the X in the upper right of the text window to close it.


You can go to the Workshop Materials main menu at any time by clicking at the upper left corner of any page where you see this icon.

For certain pages you will see the "Quick Drill" icon, shown here.  Click it to see brief exercises that reveal understanding of the basic idea for that page.

For some pages there are illustrations, examples or longer exercises.  Look in the lower right of the page and click this icon.  A browser page will open.

Or, you can go directly on to the next page by looking in the lower right of the page and clicking on this icon:

The main menu contains principal topics at the left and supplementary topics in smaller type at the right.  It is intended that you proceed through the principal topics in the order shown for the best development of the material.  The principal topics are the blue headlines and each can be clicked.



MS Internet Explorer 5.01, 5.5, 6.0, and Mozilla Firefox 1.0 have been tried and work well.  Other browsers or versions have not been fully  tested and may not access pages properly.

If you haven't already done so, 
may I suggest that you read the general comments on Metaphor  before going to the 
Workshop Material: ACR Workshop Materials or  Metaphor in Mediation Main Menu.


For the "native" version of the Metaphor in Mediation workshop material, explore Axon Version.