web_ttfiles\ttSource_and_Target.htm Take previous examples (garden Back The Source Domain is opened by The Target Domain is what is b Here are the distinctive attri

More Concrete

Better Understood



Take previous examples (gardening, ice hockey, war-competition-journey) and identify Target and Source Domains:

When a mediator was working with disputants of the use of land in Canada, and he noticed that they readily used the terminology of ice hockey to respond to comments.

In the case of a divorcing couple, feeling hurt and lost, and talking to them in terms of planting the seeds for the next phase of their lives...

In the case of the couple where the Mom thought of herself inside the home and the Dad argued for moving on with life...


Figurative Domain

Experienced Physically


Subjectively Experienced

Less Well-Understood

Source Domain

The Source Domain is opened by introducing a Metaphor. The Metaphor is "apt" to the degree that it has corresponding elements and relationships. Once this better-known, physically experienced, vivid or practiced Source Domain is opened, transfer occurs back to the Target Domain.

Target Domain

The Target Domain is what is being focused on now. What is of concern is within this domain - the situation you face. It is generally less well understood, is subjectively experienced and involves abstract concepts.

The Topic


How Do Source and Target Differ?

Here are the distinctive attributes of the two domains.


Identify the Target Domain and the Source Domain:

"If I choose this alternative,

what seeds will I be planting for the future?"


"Let's finish with this divorce and get on with our lives."


"You entered the crease and I'm calling a foul."