Used Furnishings For Sale
Susan & Tom Smith


Ikea queen-size bed, solid wooden bed frame, slats, and mattress (pillows and bedding not included). 210 cm by 173 cm. This has been a great bed and we wish we could take it back with us. Its solid, yet very comfortable, and includes the slotted bed base (wooden slats) and foam-latex mattress all clean and in excellent condition. It cost 13,296 CZK 3 years ago, unassembled.

7500 CZK












<< Here is the cash register receipt for the entire bed assembly.

You can check the items against Ikea catalog for more details.

Also, if you think we are asking too much, please make an offer.



















Two 5-drawer dressers with translucent panels. Holds a lot of stuff. Natural wood face, sides and top. Drawers slide easily and have stops to prevent pulling too far. About $149 each originally. Of course these are fully assembled, which took quite a few hours, considering that each drawer required a separate operation something you will not have to do.


<< 1000 CZK each





Goose-neck reading lamp, fully equipped with a mini-florescent, low-energy bulb (worth about 50 CZK itself). Originally about $20.


190 CZK >>










Storage cabinet, well over 6 ft (2 m +) high and 18 inches wide, configured with two doors and open shelves in middle. White. Two pull-out drawers below. Very good condition. Originally about $120 unassembled, now ready for use.

1200 CZK >>






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