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Metaphor seminars, workshops, presentations, and papers are listed.
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Forthcoming Conferences         

Metaphors to explain dynamical systems, in Herrmann, J. B and T. B. Sardinha (Eds.). Metaphor in specialist discourse: Investigating metaphor use in technical, scientific and popularized discourse contexts.  Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

RaAM8   Metaphors to Explain Dynamical SystemsPaper presented at RAAM8 – Researching And Applying Metaphor, Amsterdam, 30 June -3 July 2010.

Klinika Konfliktu, Metaphors in Family Mediation.  Two-day workshop presented to the professional association of family mediators, Warsaw, Poland, 21-22 November, 2008.  
PowerPoint slideshow presentations:  Day 1
(metaphors for simpler conflicts)  Day 2 (complex systems and metaphors).

THT Congress, Metaphor Techniques and Tools.  Workshop presented at the Congress of Traditional Holistic Therapies, Hochholzen, Kirchweidach, Germany, 23-26 October 2008.

"When Experts Educate, What Do Their Metaphors Say?  Complex metaphor structure in the professional conflict resolution literature"  Ibérica 17 [2009]: 175-196, Journal of the European Association of Languages for Specific Purposes, número monográfico sobre metáfora y lFE, special issue on metaphor and LSP.

European Mediation Conference 2008, Influencing the Complex Process of Mediation With Metaphors.  Workshop presented at Belfast, Northern Ireland, 10-12 April 2008.  PowerPoint slideshow presentation.
Read some impressions of this conference.

WMF 6  Guiding the Dynamic Mediation Process With Metaphors.  Workshop presented at Sixth World Mediation Forum, Jerusalem, Israel, 8-11 October 2007.  PowerPoint slideshow presentation in two parts:  Part 1 (metaphor),  Part 2 (complex systems).

Read one conference delegate's impressions of the conference, with notes on visiting Israel, photos, and other touristic tidbits.

IACM 2007  If “Journeys” and “Things” Frame Our Thinking, Can We Adequately Reason About The Nature of Conflict?  Paper delivered at The International Association for Conflict Management (IACM), Budapest, Hungary, 2-4 July 2007.  PowerPoint slideshow.

Asociace mediátorů ČR  Special Topics in Mediation Practice:  Current Practice in the U.S.; Competence in Assessing and Influencing Client Thinking.  One-day seminar and workshop presented as part of the program on mediator competency (Posílení kompetencí mediátorů AMČR) by the Association of Mediators of the Czech Republic.  Prague, Czech Republic, 14 November 2006.

Advanced Workshop - FMA, ”Brug af metafoer”, KongebroGården, Kongebrovej 63 i Middelfart, Denmark: Metaphor Awareness and Skills: Learning the Structure and Content of Essential Metaphors, 6 June 2006.

Fourth Nordic Conference for Mediation and Conflict Management, Helsinki, Finland.  Workshop: Metaphors and Mediation, 26 - 28th of May 2006.

MEDIATORS INSTITUTE IRELAND, 7th Annual Conference, Portlaoise, Co. Laois.  Workshop: Metaphor Awareness and Skills: Learning the Structure and Content of A Few Good Metaphors. 26 November 2005.

WMF 5  Metaphor Awareness and Skills: Learning A Few Good Metaphors.  Fifth World Mediation Forum, Crans-Montana, Switzerland, 9-11 September 2005.  

"Using Disputants' Metaphors in MediationConflict Resolution Quarterly, 23(1), 5-23 December 2005.

"Metaphors for Navigating NegotiationsNegotiation Journal, 21(3), 343-364. July 2005

IACM 2005 Getting a Grip on Metaphor: It Has A Hold On Us But Can We Embrace It?  Paper delivered at The International Association for Conflict Management (IACM), Seville, Spain, June 12-14, 2005.

First International Biennale on Negotiation - ParisDo the Experts Mean What Their Metaphors Say? An Exploration of Metaphor in Mediation Literature.  Paper presented at the First International Biennale on Negotiation, Paris:  11-12 December 2003.

ACR Family Section 2003.  "Metaphors That Govern How You Mediate: Why Your Mediation Style is a Metaphor, How To Remodel It and Make It a Conscious Choice."  Workshop presented at Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR), 2003 Family Section Conference, Denver, Colorado, July 10, 2003.  An article written to accompany the workshop is available here.

RAAM VDo the Experts Mean What Their Metaphors Say? An exploratory study of complex metaphor structure within and between schoolsPaper presented at RAAM V – Researching And Applying Metaphor V   3-5 September 2003 – Université Paris 13, Villetaneuse, France [This is an extended version of of an article later published as "When Experts Educate, What Do Their Metaphors Say? Complex Metaphor Structure in the Professional Conflict Resolution Literature" in Ibérica 17 [2009]: 175-196, ]

WFM 2003.  "Conceptual Metaphors in Mediation: How to See Them and Use Them," Workshop Presented by Tom Smith at IV Conferencia Internacional del Foro Mundial de Mediación, 9-11 May 2003, Buenos Aires, Argentina

European Science Foundation conference on Consciousness and the Imagination:  Poster presentation: "Choice of Mode in Using Metaphor in Dispute Resolution".  Kerkrade, The Netherlands, April 20-24, 2002.

ACR Family Section  Session materials accompanying "Metaphors That Reveal and Expand Client Thinking" workshop presented at Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) 2002 Family Section Conference, Savannah, Georgia, March 1, 2002.  The workshop presentation materials are available here.

IACM 2001  Summary of workshop, "Metaphor In Mediation" presented at The International Association for Conflict Management (IACM), 14th Annual Conference, ESSEC Business School, Cergy-Pontoise (Paris) France, June 26, 2001.

RAAM IV  How to Become Adept in Applying Metaphor.  Paper delivered at The Fourth International Conference on Researching and Applying Metaphor in Tunis, Tunisia, April 6, 2001 (covers the training regime for mediators learning conscious use of metaphor).

WMF 2000 The Use of Metaphors in Mediation.  Paper accompanying workshop presented at the World Mediation Forum, September 30, 2000, Cagliari, Italy.

Papers by Thomas H. Smith available on SSRN electronic papers collection: click here.

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