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About This Site
prepared by Thomas H. Smith


The purpose of this site is to provide ready access to contemporary information on metaphor, particularly as it relates to thinking and cognition, and as it is applied to ongoing dialog and conversation.

I have given a number of presentations and workshops on metaphor over the past several years.  Participants regularly ask where they can get more information about metaphor.  This site offers rapid descriptions but also has some depth for those who want to read papers and consult source material.  I include how to recognize metaphor consciously and how to explore and adapt it in one's everyday life.  You can review materials I use in presentations to develop a personal competence and that enables practice of metaphor recognition, fluency and applications in real-time.  

My background is as a social and personality psychologist and since the mid 1990s I have spent most of my time working as a mediator of interpersonal conflicts.  When I noticed how often we use metaphors in the course of negotiations, that the law, psychology, and descriptions of our social milieu are richly metaphoric, and that these metaphors are highly influential, I decided to learn more about metaphor.  This website is a forum to organize what I have learned and to make it helpful for mediators, but also for anyone with a need to understand what people mean when they speak and how their thinking relates to their language.

Besides mediators this material is also likely to be of interest to authors, literary analysts, specialists in communications, education, counseling, therapy, and coaching.

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